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Why Women Are Natural Realtors

In honour of International Women’s Day this month, we wanted to touch on the impact that women have within the real estate industry. Women everywhere are influencing the real estate industry! In fact, in most countries throughout the world, more than 50% of Realtors are women and here in Canada, roughly 60% of Realtors are women.  


“Young women want opportunities to advance; they want more flexibility and an employer that is committed to employee well-being.” 


Real estate careers for women have been growing in popularity as women are searching for more meaning in their careers and are seeking opportunities that promote a work-life balance. Workplace culture has become a top priority, especially among younger women. Some are leaving jobs where they feel undervalued or are experiencing a lack of culture, and are choosing careers in real estate or becoming entrepreneurs to have more flexibility or even work part time.  


Office Lobby with a Female Realtor


What It Takes to Be a Successful Realtor 

Realtors benefit from having certain soft skills including communication, active listening, negotiation, high attention to detail, and patience. Every client is different, therefore the skills you need to work with each client need to be different. 

What skills do successful Realtor’s have? 

  • Communication skills 
  • Understanding of real estate
  • Knowledge of your local market 
  • Time management skills 
  • Negotiation skills 
  • Marketing skills


Why Do Women Make Great Realtors? 

By nature, women tend to possess the skills that are required to be a successful agent. They are often good communicators, active listeners, and masters at managing their time. Women tend to have a passion for architecture and design, along with creating a space that feels warm and inviting. They also have the ability to empathize and listen intently, which are highly valuable skills when it comes to buying and selling homes. These skills allow for a relationship of trust which helps buyers to feel they are in good hands and that their needs are taken care of.  


Why Do Women Choose Real Estate Careers? 

We asked some of the women of Coldwell Banker Canada what motivated them to choose a career in real estate. The majority of responses were focused on the freedom and flexibility of business, income potential, and the ability to help people buy the home of their dreams. 

A career in real estate allows women the freedom to work around their commitments and obligations, while building a career they are passionate about. With virtual showings, virtual tour features and everchanging technologies, being a Realtor brings a much more flexible work schedule than it has in the past. 


Advice from other women in the industry?  

  • Build your own personal brand as a Realtor.  
  • Decide on the type of Realtor that you want to be and build it into your identity.  
  • Find mentors and allies.  
  • Utilize technology and adapt.  
  • Be authentic and be yourself.  

Areas for Improvement

Even though women in real estate have come a long way, there are still areas that need improvement. While approximately 60% of Realtors are women in Canada, there is still a lack of women in leadership roles. Commercial real estate has a much lower ratio of women in the industry. Gender pay gaps still exist for women in real estate so don’t be afraid to negotiate commission percentages or salaries.  

What can you do?

  • Determine how your brokerage promotes inclusivity 
  • Are there equal opportunities for training and mentoring? 
  • Are reward and recognition given fairly and equally? 
  • Talk to other females at the brokerage  
  • Read reviews! 

To all woman in real estate, we celebrate you and support you! Let’s all do our best to close the gender gap and promote diversity and inclusivity in the industry. 



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