AdviceTips & Tricks November 15, 2022

7 Tips For Selling Your Home in the Fall & Winter – Coldwell Banker Canada

Just because the warmer months are typically the most common for selling your home, doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to selling in the cooler months! In fact, buyers are usually more serious in the winter and less inventory means less competition.  


Here are 7 tips for selling during the colder months! 

  1. Make sure you show potential buyers what your home looks like during the warmer months. Have some exterior photos that show off your yard, flower beds and outdoor furniture. 
  2. Clean up the outdoors as best you can. Shovel the snow on the sidewalks and walkways, clean up leaves and tend to any flower beds. It’s even a good idea to clean your siding. 
  3. Allow as much daylight as possible into your home. Add the right light bulbs to each room, have brighter bulbs in bathrooms and have softer, warmer lighting in the living area and bedrooms. Use outdoor lighting to help the outdoors be visible to potential buyers.
  4. Make sure your windows and doors aren’t drafty since this will be noticeable when the weather changes. You’ll also want to make sure that your furnace is working well and has been cleaned & maintenanced recently.
  5. Do a deep clean of places you wouldn’t normally think of, including under the sink, the cupboards and pantry, baseboards, appliances, the shower head, and ceiling fans. Also, make sure you dust everything!
  6. Make your home look as cozy as possible and stage it in a way that reflects the seasons. Add cozy throw pillows and blankets to the living space, light some candles, and use your fireplace if you have one!
  7. Keep your home clean between showings- both the inside and outside! Keep the sidewalk and driveway clear.  


Follow these tips if you plan on selling your home this fall or winter! 


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